Q: Are there advantages of rough or smooth edges? 

 A: Having rough or smooth edges is a personal choice, both making the monument unique and distinctive, an advantage to having the edges polished, is that it is easier to clean. 

Q: Can we choose the color granite we want, and do you have samples of the different colors. 

 A: We have a large selection of colored granite on our display yard, and can usually order any color of granite that we do not have here, and yes, we have many samples of the different colors that you can choose from. 

Q: Can you add color to your memorial? 

 A: Yes, designs can be painted with lithocrome, a paint that is designed for rock, that comes in many colors. 

Q: Can you add pictures to the monument, and if so how long will they last? 

 A: We have two different options: Porcelain Portraits- These pictures are created by a copy of the original photo, they are guaranteed 100% against fading and vandelism. Etched Portraits- Etched portraits are done by hand, with great detail, and are also lifetime guaranteed. 

Q: Does it cost extra to add a date of death or additional lettering after our monument has been set in the cemetery? 

 A: Yes, carving future date of deaths and any additional lettering will be extra and is not included in the contract price. 

Q: How long will it take to complete our memorial? 

 A: Generally it takes about 8-10 weeks for a memorial to be completed and installed in the cemetery. Depending on the order, after completion of the contract, we can give you a more detailed time frame for completion. 

Q: How long will the paint last if we want our designs in color? 

 A: Paint on the monuments are not guaranteed, it will fade over time depending on the weather and placement of the monument with the sun. 

Q: We would like our memorial to be different, can we custom design our monument? 

 A: Yes! We encourage all of our customers to make their memorial a personal tribute to their loved ones. We do all of our work right here at our business, and have many ways for our families to tell the "story" of a loved ones life. 

Q: What are the types of memorials available? 

 A: Upright Monument: Stand-up monument usually with a base. Slant: Straight back, slanted face where name/s, date/s and design is carved. Can be set with or with out a base. Bevel: Usually between 10, 8, or 6" high in the back and has a slight bevel down to the front about 2". Can be set with a base. Flat Marker: Completley flat and can be set flush with the ground. Slab/Ledger: Covers the grave on the ground.

Q: What is included in the cost of a monument? 

 A: The cost of the monument includes: Carving the names and dates (at purchase), a standard design and installation in most local cemeteries. 

Q: What is the average size of a single upright monument? 

 A: The average size for single upright monument is 2ft. tall, 2ft. wide and 6 inches thick. 

Q: What is the average size of an upright double monument? 

 A: The average size of an upright double monument is 4ft wide, 2ft. tall and 6 inches thick. 

Q: What is the difference between Carving and Etching? 

 A: Carving is done by a sandblaster, cutting into the granite. Etching is done by hand, scratching the surface, leaving a smooth finish. To get the best results, etching can only be done on Black granite.